Hemani Live Natural - Argan Oil

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The Hemani Live Natural series of oils are renown for their potent freshness and soothing effects.

  • Use them for massage therapy, skin & hair treatment or fragrance!
  • 100% natural
  • External use only; do not ingest
  • 1.01 FL OZ (30ml) bottle.

The argan tree develops just in one spot on the planet: in the south-west of Morocco. Argan oil is a brilliant tinted vegetable oil that is hand-removed in a period expending strategy by pounding the ready Argan tree natural product nuts. The yield is dictated by the particular Argan seed quality notwithstanding the extraction procedure embraced.

Moroccan oil is a standout amongst the most prevalent nonessential items available. It has been known as the most recent wonder ingredien. Unadulterated and natural Moroccan argan oil is the keys to adequacy of these items. Moroccan oil is supposedly extraordinary for hair, skin and nails as a result of its greatly high substance of amino acids, cell reinforcements.