Hemani Live Natural - Black Seed Oil

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The Hemani Live Natural series of oils are renown for their potent freshness and soothing effects.

  • Use them for massage therapy, skin & hair treatment or fragrance!
  • 100% natural
  • External use only; do not ingest
  • 1.01 FL OZ (30ml) bottle.


It had been additionally viewed as an amazing metabolic enhancer. Ayurveda, an overarching human services rehearse in India at this time, generally interprets in light of the fact that "the science connected with life, anticipation, and also life span." Ayurvedic medication is a procedure for health based after making and keeping up a general equalization of forces and natural framework inside the living being. Ayurveda uses Black Seed in light of its capacity to recoup anxious issue, anorexia, and gynaecological issues and also utilizes this plant to elevate feeling, invigorate digestion system, and supply the orchestrating favourable circumstances of a general whole body tonic.